Thursday, May 21, 2009

Das influ.

So, after my hundredth post, I kind of just fell off the grid for a while. The truth is, I was just so involved in everything and nothing at the same time, so I just couldn't be bothered. Not that it's a bad thing, I just felt that I didn't have much to say at the time, because I started to feel as if I were saying the same things, just worded differently.
After a 13 hour trip to Greece, I proceeded to party hard that night, with me being awake for 40 hours. Not a smart thing to do, but it was fun. Next day, I was sort of sick, but not that much. By Monday night, after a couple beers, I was feeling really under the weather. Monday night, I thought I was running a wee fever, but I didn;t give it much though. Next morning, I woke up feeling feverish again, so I told my parents. Naturally, they freaked out because they thought that I had contracted the swine flu, which is totally acceptable since I did fly in from the states. And off to the hospital I go, where I was quarantined for almost 10 hours, waiting for a) the blood tests to come back, and b) me to show signs of a fever. I got the results, didn't get the fever. I was clean, ladies and gentelmen, clean as a thistle.
After that, I started easing back in to the Greek way of life, with uber smoking, drinking, and clubbing. Not to mention working, since I've been doing a shit load of that.
I tried skateboarding today, but something was wrong with my big toe, and I could only push around for 5 minutes or so. After that, it got too painfull. Thankfully, I'm going to a physical therapist tomorrow, and see if he can't straighten out some of my kinks.
Also, I've sort of fallen behind my songwriting, and I don't like it, not one bit.
You know, cause I used to pump out a song a day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The wait is over!

So I think that I should start typing this thing up, before it gets too late and I'm all like: "meh, I mean, I can not write for a day. right?". So anyways, not a whole lot has been happening. Actually, that is a blatant lie, and I'm going to use this sentence to remind myself of what a liar I am. So yeah, I started recording songs again, even though I said to myself that I'd take a break, and start recording/writing again next fall. niiiiice, you're gonna be a reeeal success if you take 3 month breaks between writing. Shaddup. As far as recording goes, I got extremely fed up with my laptops microphone, so I just started recording with my mp3 player. The thing is like 3 years old, and the microphone is better than my year old laptop. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me. But yeah, the new microphone, combined with my amp, equals almost professional sounding, uhh, sound. The thing that the microphone does not help, is my voice. I need some serious work with my voice.
Another juicy bit of news is that I gauged my ear! Yeah, it was something I always wanted to do. In fact, if I remember correctly, that was the reason for getting a peircing in the first place. But then, I found out that it takes time to stretch it, so natuarally, I just went: "meh". The funny thing is that a year or so ago, I bought a new earring with a slightly thicker bar than usual, so I just put it in and forgot about it. Untill three days ago, that is. So, I went and bought the next size bar, but in the form of a screw-on flesh tunnel. After minimal effort, it practically glided in my ear. The next day however, I realized that I wanted it just a liiiitle bit bigger, so I went out and bought the next size. Thinking that the transition from a 14 to a 12 was relatively easy, and pain free, I naturally assumed that the same would apply to the transition from a 12 to a 10. Oh boy was I wrong.
Turns out, it's not the same, and I went through a wee bit of agony, untill I coated the bar with vaseling, and just took a deep breath, and pushed. didn't know that you were pregnant. Shaddup you. Well, it took more than just one deep breath. However! I did manage to break on through to the other side. i don't care if you do write songs, a Jim Morrisson you are not. After that, my ear was just throbbing so much, and it hurt when I touched it, but everntually it got better. I still haven't really toyed with it, but here's to hoping.
Also! I'm going to be flying over to the "old country" in a few days, and I couldn't be happier!
The cool part is that I'm probably going to be meeting this girl I've known for the past three years over the interet, in person! I'm kind of weirded out by it it, and the fact that I used to have a net crush on her doesn't help much, but I'm just so fucking psyched that we're actually gonna meet!
On the skateboarding frontier, I've been doing quite a bit of it this past week, since there's nothing better to do here in the 'burbs. The only frustrating thing is that a) I got injured again, and b) I sort of forgot how to kickflip, again. Ah well, it doesn't matter. I was thinking abut giving it a couple of days rest anyhow. The plus part is that I get to take pills again!
You know, cause pulling a groin muscle ain't no joke.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Three cheers for allergies! (Not!)

Every day, the suburbs make me just a little bit more crazy. I don't know why, but I think it's the lack of things to do. Anyway, I've been watching the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" for the past hour and a half, and I realize that it's one of the most inspirational movies I've ever seen. I really can't go into specific detail right now because I'm one too many beers deep. However, even though I haven't been recording that much lately, I have been writing. It;s not complete songs, just snippets of lyrics, a couple verses here and there. I'm just not motivated enough to sing and record, while my sinuses flare up like a mother fucker. Well, I don't want to linger that much, I've still got a movie to watch. Hopefully, the night will end with a cigarette.
You know, cause the ones that don't, usually suck.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The dormitory life.

I...have been getting more and more agitated with my allergies. It went from minor stuff, to full blown congestion. Not to mention, it just saps my energy for some reason. That's the only explanation I can find, as to why I don't feel like writing/recording songs. So, school is officially over, and I couldn't help but feel a twang of sadness, as I was leaving the dorms. I really don't like leaving my "area", once I've grown accustomed to it. Anyway, the important thing here is next year, when I'll be rooming with three people. It's going to be single bedrooms, but I still worry about the people I'm going to be rooming with. They are the exact opposite of me, when it comes to how they live while in school. I'm more of a quiet person, I keep to myself, and I just like to do my own thing. They are not that quiet (not in a bad way, they just do more things than I), like to party, and are always doing something. However, I find that this is a small price to pay for having friends. Not to mention, Halo 3 teammates. Yeah, next year is going to be full of studying, Halo-ing, partying, and hopefully, music playing.
You know, cause my dream is still up for grabs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And then you wake up.

I just wanna be a musician. Make people feel what I feel when I listen to other peoples music. I don't wanna be famous, I just want to be in a band that actually plays gigs, and is somewhat known. For some reason, I love the Joy Formidable. Ever since I heard of them, and their music, I've been captivated, like a ship in a whirlpool. I don't know how to say this, I just know that I want to be able to finally express myself musically. I know that this is one of my destinies. Even if I'm drunk right now, I still want to write music, to distribute it to people who will get it. The fucked up thing is that I'm not a songwriter, and I don't know if I'll ever be. It's my dream though, and one day, I hope it'll be more than a mere dream, I hope that it will one day become reality.
You know, cause reality beats everything else.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The good times are tempting me.

So I've been doing all sorts of things these past few days. Haven't done much songwriting, but I've been living. I don't exactly know how to put it though. I've just been doing things I feel I should be doing as a person in college. I'm still wondering about what to do with my girlfriend. I mean, I don't imagine myself with anyone else, but imagining the time ahead of with us, with us the way we are now, makes me not want to do it. I get the long run, it's just too far in the future for me.
I just want to get the semester over with, so that I can start off my summer. Also, I'm excited for next year, because I'll be in a very distracting atmosphere. That's a good enough test for me, in order to see if I can be a good student, and ignore the distractions. Well, the ones that I can't afford to be distracted by anyway.

You know, cause having some fun here and there, is not so bad.

P.S I love music.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah, to wonder.

Trying to know the future is no hard feat, yet I still keep on trying to predict everything. It makes me wonder about all the little things that I've done that could have changed my future. In the end though, I realize that it's been one hell or a ride, and I sort of stop thinking about the past. That's when I start to think about the future, trying to manipulate it but only in the small ways. I'm too afraid to make the big choices because I'm too content with what's going on already. I feel as if I'm denying myself all sorts of things, but in the end, the routine wins.
I was going to try and write a song today but sadly, it didn't work out. I've been writing this song on my cell phone, saving it a message. It's funny because little by little, it evolves, turning into something with potential. it reminds me of the kooky ways some writers became famous, like J.K Rowling, who thought up Harry Potter on the metro. I feel as this would be one of the stories, if this song became a hit, and I'd tell people that I just wrote it on my cell phone, saving it as a text message. Heh, that's pretty funny if you think about it. Man, I hate always thinking about me becoming something. It's just wrong to do anything out of the sole purpose of becoming famous. I wish these visions of me becoming someone would just stop popping into my minds eye.
You know, cause it gives me hope.